The Strange Case of Ms. Drama and Mr. Prose

This post will finally prove I’m not as brilliant as you think, you are forewarned.

When results for my second year examination came, I was not very happy with the marks in Literature, so I decide that I should give the paper again. That was not a brilliant move. You see, if I get lower marks than before I’m doomed. The results will be out soon and I will know what happened to that.

Continuing the story, after deciding to give the paper again I obviously filled the Improvement Form with help of a friend as I really hate paperwork. Here comes the trouble. We had three papers; Poetry, Drama and Prose marked as Paper I, Paper II, Paper III.

And I was thinking I have received lower marks in Drama while I had in Prose, not only that I was of the opinion that Drama is Paper III while Prose, Paper II. That my friends took me on an adventure.

This is how the format looked.

1.________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________

This is how I filled it:

1.________ 2. ________ 3.  DRAMA  4. ________

This is how I should have filled it:

1.________ 2. ________ 3.  PROSE  4. ________

Now I did not come to know of my mistake untill a week before the paper and when I did find out, I was not as worried as I should have been. Why? I had just finished my novel and my euphoria did not allow me to be sad at all.

So I went to the office and asked the clerk what should I do, as a clerk he had no idea what should I do so he told me to just go and give the paper, I thanked him and came back.

Did I prepare for my improvement exam? Yes, and no. I prepared for both papers half-heartedly. I read Macbeth, Merchant of Venice, The Guide by R. K. Narayanan and the Anthology of English Prose laughing at my good to go brain. I had decide to come both days (1st and 2nd September when the papers were to be given) and talk to the examiners of my Strange Case of Ms. Drama and Mr. Prose.

So that’s what I did, I went to university on 1st September prepared to give the paper of Drama if I had to. I explained to the invigilators of my strange case and told them that the attendance register for the exam will solve the trouble. It did. My name was not there!

And that was something I wanted because my marks in Drama were fine and I had no intention of giving that paper. So I came back and relaxed, picked up The Guide and Anthology later in the evening, read it again and went next day to give the paper for Prose.

This time my name was on the list and I finished my paper in two hours instead of appointed three. So instead of waiting for the time to end I decide to come home and do some work on my novel, which I didn’t; do some beta reading for my writer friends, which I didn’t; what I did was, sat with my brother and coax him into making a website for me, which he had been doing for past couple of days. And while we are on that, I’m going to have a Facebook party for launch of my website and all of you are invited to take the first look. I’ll post more about it soon.

How did university manage the paper?

I have absolutely no idea, they may have put my name for third paper as that was the space filled, no matter by what. Worked out in my best interest.

What did I learn?

Paperwork was not, is not and will not be my thing. I should hire a professional to do that.

Now that, that is over and I’m sort of back on track, let me remind me I have to post the review for ‘A Passage To India’ and I intend to do that very soon, maybe by this Sunday.

So, what tale of your mistakes would you like to share?

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5 thoughts on “The Strange Case of Ms. Drama and Mr. Prose

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