What Are You Doing?

In my last post Sorry, I’m busy! I said how I’m so busy writing my novel that I can’t seem to find any time for my blog and that means I haven’t taken a look around at what the bloggers I follow are up to. Continuing that I also said how I am reading A passage to India by E.M. Forster, which happens to be an amazing book. I have written down so many lines from that book I am starting to believe, this is the book that I will remember when I’m eighty and telling people about my most loved books.

Here I’m just quoting few of my favourite lines:

One can tip too much as well as too little, indeed the coin that buys the exact truth has not yet been minted.

Nothing’s private in India.

“We are not pleasant in India, and we don’t intend to be pleasant. We’ve something more important to do.”

… thunderstorms seldom clear the air.

… where his compatriots were concerned he had a generous mind.

I’m a holy man minus the holiness.

Everything exists, nothing has value.

If love is everything, few marriages would survive the honeymoon.

God who saves the king will surely support the police.

Forster has this amazing technique to say things which grasp you by throat. When I tried to read A Passage to India back in April this year on my PC, I got bored and left it around page 70. Then months later I picked it up at a bookshop and began reading. The first thought that came to my mind after reading the first page was: why did I not finish it? There are some books from which you could quote some lines, but this book is one of those books whose every line is a quote.

More about this book with my unconventional review later, as of now I wish to give you all tender-hearted people some good news! My novel’s first draft will finish in 10 days! I’m super excited but a little sad too. The world I had created had become my home and now I will have to leave it. But then I realize it’s a good thing, leaving this new home I will embark on a tedious journey of editing and rewriting and editing and rewriting till I feel like I have drowned into it. Oh wait, where is good in that? Ah well, the good is that the novel will get out into a big bad world and will be ready to get published and face the criticism and applause. I’m looking forward to a million rejections, billion negative reviews and trillion positive ones. Too ambitious? Mark of a novice!

Oh in case you might be wondering how long I’ll read A Passage to India, I may as well tell you that I’m reading other books too.

Social and Political Philosophy by O.P. Gauba.

A Critical History of English Literature, Vol. 1 by David Daiches.

Philosophy of Religion by John Hicks.

Mera Mujhme Kuch Nahi (Nothing Mine In Me) by Osho.

The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution by P.D. Ouspensky.

Long list? Not as long as I want, sigh

So leave a word about what you are reading and writing, so we may find a little time to interact.

Thank you for reading this.

And I’m not bald, don’t get any ideas from the picture.


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