Sorry, I’m busy!

Now I know that’s like the worst thing you would have ever heard but unfortunately it is very true for me as of now. You already know I’m writing my novel and recently I got more involved in it. I have to do some research and talk to a lot of people about it, I happen to find no time to write something interesting enough. I haven’t read a book I would like to review. Great expectations is still hanging with me, (will I ever be able to finish it?) and I am having all the ideas about my novel and none, not a single one about stories which I am very much interested in writing. Though I have some projects under construction (ten maybe) but I have only done the first draft and not went through them.

Poems on the other hand being the stuff of inspiration are increasing and I’m thinking of posting poetries only for some time. Maybe till I drag myself out of my fantastic novel and edit my beautiful stories (you agree about the stories, right?) I may just have to post some poetry. I although have some great books with me and I would like to review them. But as soon as I open my word processor my novel jumps up to me and demands my immediate attention. I have not told anyone what it’s about, have I? Well here is a little that I think won’t give away too much and still be able to explain a lot. A little synopsis if you will. (This will probably not be the same when the novel ends but still…)


After the Aryans nearly wiped the native Indians referred to as Rakshasas (Demons) in their history and forgot them as a matter of folklore and myth, one Rakshasa of a fierce clan is ready to take revenge and no one can stand in his way; not even the Rakshasas who had become their enemies centuries ago for their support of Aryans.

When Ayan finds himself in the center of long fought battles and bloody revenges he knows there is no way out. As he grieves his losses and finds new friends he comes across secrets history has hidden in its intricate stories. How far will he go to know them? Will he be able to face his own fears as he stands to save the Aryans and Rakshasas falling in an abyss of carnage?

I see in you a different future, a future that had never been before.”— Anant to Ayan. Will Ayan create that future?


And I picked up ‘A passage to India’ by E. M. Forster and it’s a wonderful book, more about it later.

I resolve to finish my social life. I know that will make me a nerd but I don’t care. I’m busy people! Stop asking me what I’m writing.

Anyways my Internet friends over here, what are you writing now? How close are you to becoming a writing nerd? Drop in and we will chat a bit unless of course one of us is busy writing!

Almost forgot… Yes, the picture is not very relevant.

Edit: None of this talk on my novel is relevant anymore. There have been massive changes and it’s new name is ‘Dronyaksha and The Rise of Asuras’, Book I of Rakshasa Trilogy and the protagonist is Pratham Vyas. For more see my Facebook page or Twitter handle.


5 thoughts on “Sorry, I’m busy!

  1. The picture is relevant to the idea of you being “busy”.
    Most of the “busy people” I’ve seen, are fond of coffee and chocolates.
    Anyways, do you drink coffee while writing your novels and poems? 🙂

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