Two liner Horror Stories

After writing She Saw Dead Roses and reading a lot of interesting and chilly two liner horror stories, I thought of giving it a try. So here it is my second attempt at horror. What do you think? Good? Bad? Scary? Funny?

  • I picked a lot of brains for my article. I flushed them after I was done.
  • Whenever I closed my eyes in that house I thought someone was watching me. I kept ignoring till one day I felt a cold hand on my throat.
  • My brother and I tapped on our walls and said for fun, “Ooh there is someone in here!” Until one day the plaster came off and we saw rotting skeletons.
  • My mother still shouts at me. I killed her five years ago.
  • A monster lived under my bed. I cut the legs and now it sleeps with me.
  • I enjoyed finger-shaped chips. One day there was an actual finger in the packet.
  • We joked as a kid that if we ate seeds we’ll grow plants in our belly. I don’t know what to do now sitting with my X-ray showing a plant with leaves in my lungs.
  • My son died a year ago. But i still like to play with him.
  • My door wouldn’t lock. I think it’s because there is an eyeball in the keyhole.
  • I don’t like my chair even though I made it myself. I think it’s because I used my husband’s bones instead of wood.
  • My baby died in my womb. Now he is refusing to leave.
  • I still like to massage my husband though he stinks. I think it’s because he died a year ago.
  • There is a reason why we shouldn’t imitate movie scenes. When I conjured demons they really came.
  • Who doesn’t love ice-cream? But the trolley was being driven by me when I looked at it from my window at 3 a.m.
  • I killed my wife five years ago. She still thinks it was an accident.

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