My Dark Side

I have seen the dark side of me,

It’s not comforting.

Monsters from my past lurk there

Haunting memories and vilest nightmares.

I have not been loved,

I have been passed on

From one hand to another.

It’s not my fault, I know

But it’s hard to ignore the gut feeling.

The people around me are bitchy

They don’t care,

But feign it nicely.

I hate them

And seriously hope

They all burn in hell.

I am destructive,

I am mad,

I am enraged,

I am all evil,

I am the sinner,

Everyone else is the saint.

Screw the saints.

They have made my life miserable

And then condemned me

For living a miserable life.

They even used my anger,

They ruined my innocence,

They made it into lust

And condemned me again.

They pushed me down the hilltops,

They laughed and pointed and clapped,

They said I am the Fallen One.

I would if I could burn them,

I would torture them to death.

I have no trace of forgiveness.

They abused my love,

They burned my trust,

They stabbed my hope

(In the back? No).

They scared me to death

And called me a coward.

They made me cry

And called me sissy.

They screwed me bad

And called me impure.

I shall be avenged

And I will not wait,

I will not wait for a Messiah.

I will kill their Messiahs too.

I will burn in my revenge

And with me shall burn your humanity.

I will shed tears on my ashes

And an innocent child will be born,

Free of this evil world,

Its politics, society and religion

Conspire to make.


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