Journey of a Woman

I was what you wanted me to be,

I fell and rose, crumbling beneath you.

Your dreams and desires and parody

And yet I was unworthy of you.

Each time I tried to rise

You broke me, brought me back.

You gave me your advises wise

But from inside they made me crack.

And I still was what you said:

‘Not man’, but inferior and submissive.

To fall on my knees and open my hand,

My punishments and prizes I shall receive.

You hold me but I don’t touch,

While you satiate I’m blank.

These swollen glands are troubling much

But my braking self wouldn’t clank.

And is that all the story of this treadle?

Insatiable me, looking for gratification,

Tired of this golden ring and black medal,

Travelling for ravishing the men of nation?

But that is how I am known

Amongst your civilized and elite class.

The woman who quests for unknown

Miracles and looks not through your glass.

My voyages have caused many upheavals.

From ‘not man’ to ‘woman’, I’m coming close.

But what will I see? Such horrible evils

Never known; my friends or my foes?

My reflection will I see or be tempted

To look away by prejudices of mine

And vanity of yours? The tears are unshed,

Will they wash the dirt off my shrine?

Will I ever smile amidst this turbulence?

The passages I have had, the pathways

I have seen in hearts of men, dark and dense.

Will I ever walk straight in your created decays?


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