The Dying Orchid

Down there in our beautiful park

I see that orchid plant you loved,

I feel the night closing in dark

As I see the last orchid you touched.

The white little thing with gold strokes,

The happy flower is now dying.

And the cold wind on us mocks,

For you too with the orchid are leaving.

And I know I’ll be all alone

Without you to face this world.

As the other orchids moan

You lie on our bed, weak and curled.

I’ll have to endure this scorching sun,

I’ll have to face the ugly scenes.

The world has lost all colour but one:

Gray; I see as the orchid leans.

All those happy memories of us

Are becoming my haunted nightmares.

Oh! Without you life would be a curse,

And Holy Spirits choose to ignore my prayers.

As the last trace of Autumn leaves

And like a slouching Grim approaches Fall,

The dying flower and the falling leaves

Of my grievous heart make shadows tall.

Oh! Will you never walk this place?

This home of dreams will be dark

And I will be here remembering your embrace

Of the days when I sang like a happy lark.

Do you remember last autumn wind?

So green it never had been.

T’was then you planted that orchid

Like you now it’s dry and thin.

Our beautiful happy days together

(No more! Oh never more!)

With passing time they became lesser

Leaving me with my memories sore.

Oh black Death! Take me away

With my love or be cursed.

To you my sad heart does pray

In breaking which you are well-versed.

Why this disease and what for the ignorance?

What joy with your scientific nonsense?

All my prayers and your medicines

Fail, fail, fail! Against death; dark and dense.

Will I ever forgive and forget

What these mighty forces have done?

Will I ever let go the grudge ‘gainst the Great

He who snatched away my love, my only One?

Oh! But you live, you live today

And as I sit (praying!) holding you,

Your face so pale and morbid grey

You look like beautiful, morning dew.

And you still smile that smile

Which does things to me

And I can’t help but smile

With my heart swelling in me.

Oh my love! Then you say

Your message of my loneliness,

I kiss you goodbye at the end of day

And the orchid falls voiceless.


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